Customer Research Agreement


You are being asked by Automattic Inc. (“Automattic,” the owner of Jetpack) to participate in a research study. By signing up to participate in our study you agree to the non-disclosure agreement. We would like to observe and record your activities during the session. At times, we may take notes on your activities, or may ask you to elaborate on or clarify your actions.


As part of the research study you are participating in, a screen capture and/or audio/video recording will be made of you during your participation in this interview. The Jetpack research team will also collect notes about your activities and feedback. Your authorization is required for the following uses of these recordings and other information we collect:

1. The recordings and other information will be studied for use in regards to this study, and to better understand how users interact with our services and further develop and improve our services.

2. The video and other information will be reviewed in private presentations to members of the project team.We’ll treat the information we collect pursuant to our privacy policy at , except that we will only use the information as described above.


While there is a time limit on this interview or session, it is not a timed test. You may take a break at any time you wish; simply inform the moderator that you would like to take a break and we will stop the recording. You may withdraw from this study at any time without detriment.


Because you may be asked to review certain aspects or ideas before they are made public, we need to secure your agreement to not disclose any information you learn in this session to anyone or any company. You agree that all aspects of the service that are not already publicly known to be the confidential information of Jetpack. That includes, but is not limited to, information about our company strategy, product strategy, intellectual property, product features, services, marketing strategy, marketing material, web sites and web features. This applies to the current state and any proposed or future states that we may share with you prior to their public release.

You agree that you will keep all of the confidential information you obtain about Automattic and its service, products, intellectual property, web properties, marketing plans, etc. confidential and to use it only for the purpose of participating in this study. Furthermore, any work produced based on your comments will be considered confidential information and the property of Automattic.

You agree that you have no ownership or other interest in any works or services produced or offered by Automattic. You may offer recommendations or feedback in the course of the session.

You agree that any such recommendations or feedback will become the exclusive property of

Automattic and may be used by Automattic and its affiliates for its and their business purposes without any payment, accounting, remuneration or attribution. You hereby assign to Automattic all rights, title and interest in and to the recommendations or feedback you provide to Automattic.


This document constitutes a binding legal agreement between you and Automattic. If you have any questions about the agreement’s content or are concerned about agreeing to it, please let the research coordinator know. This document of agreement states the entire understanding between you and Automattic concerning your participation in our research program.